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What is CTB Quote™ Plus?

CTB Quote™ Plus is a new quoting program that Milgard developed with the goal of providing a quoting tool that exceeds your needs. Our team met with over 100 dealers, outside salespeople and inside salespeople to develop the features you’ve told us are important to your business.

Enjoy Detailed 2-D Window & Door Images!

CTB Quote Plus provides users with 2-D images that display detailed window and door drawings, bringing a project to life! Images include details such as:
 • Window frames proportional to the product series
 • Window and door frame details such as mitered corners
 • Dimensions displayed on window images
 • A visual indicator on each window lite that is tempered “T”
 • A visual indicator on each window that meets Egress “E”

Provide Customers with the Details of their new Windows & Doors

Do you have requests for window and door technical details from customers? The new Details Tab will include information regarding the windows and doors you’re quoting such as:
 • Window & Door Square Footage
 • U Factors, SHGC’s, VLT, STC, OITC
 • Performance Grade
 • Sq Ft of Clear Opening – of all operable windows
 • Whether a window meets Egress

Prepare Quotes Quickly and Easily using Preferences

Part of the Plus in CTB Quote Plus is additional functionality that ensures the quoting process is fast and simple. Users begin a quote using simple drop down menus to select preferences such as Product Line, Fin Type, Exterior Finish and more - preferences that are consistent in the project. By only entering these preferences once, you will save time and reduce the possibility of error.

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